FAITH Property News

God has moved powerfully since we started this extraordinary faith journey, and we are excited about all he's doing in calling us to reach more people!

Also, he wasn't kidding when he said to get ready for RIDICULOUS!

God's Plan -- Not Ours!

Following God's direction requires faith and flexibility. It's never about our plans but about what he's doing and where he's sending us. In the middle of our faith journey, the world changed! What's worked in the past won't work in the future, and it quickly became apparent that he is doing a new thing!

Our goal to reach people hasn't changed, but our method has. When we initially thought about expanding, it was having locations within 20-30 miles apart as we:

  • Develop disciples who have a strong biblical worldview and values
  • Cultivate community by building relationships
We're not just going to church, we are the church. None of that has changed! We're so excited about what God has for us and all he's doing as he shapes our journey to reach people!

Glendora Is Moving Forward!

  • In a different season, things have taken longer than we would have liked, but we are pushing forward ... together!
  • Our date to move in is Sunday, December 4, and look forward to beginning construction! We'll remain flexible with rising costs and supply shortages as a new reality, but we'll keep moving forward!
  • This has been such an exciting journey, and our favorite part is getting to build our new church home together: keep an eye out for serve days and opportunities to be a part of what God's doing!

God Keeps Going -- We're Expanding!
As we prayed, sought God, spoke to our advisors and prayed some more, he continued to stir our spirits: 

  • Are we willing to go anywhere
  • Are we willing to do anything?
  • Are we willing to reach anyone?
Our faith journey truly has been RIDICULOUS! He said he's called us out into the world to reach people, and after fully seeking him, he's continued to blow us away and move in unexpected ways to confirm his direction.

When he orchestrates things as only he can, provides amazing opportunities and brings passionate people together willing to make sacrifices because they are sold-out for his purposes, it's a story only God can weave together.

We are excited to share that we are launching two additional church expressions in the next two years!

  • The first will launch in Atlanta, Georgia, in January 2023
    • Our launch team is working on renting a facility
    • Weekday small groups are currently being developed
  • The second launches in Sarasota, Florida, in 2024
    • Renovations will begin on our new property
    • Our launch team will be starting weekday small groups

God continues to blow our minds in these expansions, which will have full teams serving, and none of it takes away from anything happening in Glendora.

God is seeing his plans come to pass, as we do what he's asked us to do: reach more people for generations to come!

We continue to press in to all he has for us, and we're excited that our best days are ahead!

Are you new to FAITH news?
Below is what God has been doing during this season.

As always, if you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Check out what was shared in November 2020!

FAITH is on the move! God is at work during one of the most unlikely seasons!

When FAITH started more than 40 years ago, it was with you in mind: growing big people – not a big church. That commitment is the same one we hold today.

The world, though, has changed A LOT since 1980! Several years ago, we started to wrestle with some important questions: what’s the best way to connect you with Jesus? How can we support you in discovering and living out God’s purpose?

As we prayerfully looked at these questions, we started to dream:

What if you could experience stronger community in smaller spaces?

What if we had multiple locations in different cities, creating life-giving environments and meeting local needs?

Leading into 2020, the word COURAGE was strong on the hearts of Pastor Dan + Lindsay. Maybe God was hinting that this dream was closer than we thought?

Shortly after, life took a turn as 2020 hit us all with unprecedented challenges. How would the dream of multiple locations and stronger community come to pass?


In the middle of a pandemic, God showed up! Our current property was not on the market. But a buyer approached us with an offer that could make the dream a reality, providing an economic boost to the city. In the middle of a recession, it would bring jobs to more people. Our dream could be a win-win for many!

But was this just a good thing? Or was it really a God thing? Our pastors prayerfully sought God, as well as advice from trusted voices and wise counsel. Everyone said, “GO FOR IT!” Then, we made some big requests thinking there was no way the potential buyer would say yes. But when they agreed, it was more confirmation: God is in this!

God is doing a new thing! The best days — for you and for FAITH — are ahead!