Abraham: Walk By Faith

What can we learn for our faith walk today?

I'm making a major life change.
Help! The giants I'm facing are all I see.
How can I develop my faith?

If you are wrestling with similar thoughts, you are invited to join us for a character study on a man who many have dubbed the father of faith.

"Abraham: Walk By Faith" will give us an opportunity to look at Abraham's life, to understand how God gave him a promise that seemed implausible given his life circumstances and how he walked a journey that set up your story of faith today.

What did God say? What did Abraham do? How did he mess up, and how did he come to love and trust God so deeply to offer his unwavering commitment?

We will meet together for:

  • Contextual teaching as a large group
  • Break out discussions to connect + offer practical takeaways for your life today
  • Teaching from the Dr. Doctor on Week 3!

We will meet the following Wednesdays on Zoom:

  • 10/20
  • 10/27
  • 11/3 – with Dr. Jim

Take the leap and join us: we'll all be better for it!