Work Your Word – Day 3


"Go," Jesus replied, "your son will live." The man took Jesus at his word and departed.

John 4:50

The royal official was facing a life or death situation: his son was sick, and he thought if Jesus didn't go with him, his son would die. He said come, but instead, Jesus told him to go. Did the royal official get offended and walk away because Jesus wouldn't do it his way? No, he took Jesus at his word. By believing Jesus, he demonstrated a confident and active faith.

Much of our Christian life comes down to one simple discipline: taking God at his word. Our words are powerful; they can be confrontational, comforting and compelling. "It's going to be alright." We might think: But is it? When? How? If we believe but are stuck on how, we may have an error in our thinking. We may think we're out of time; we may think we need God to hurry; we may think we know. But God isn't limited by time or space. We may come to the right place but have a wrong perspective. The official said to come, but Jesus said go ... your son will live. Is our faith active or just academic and in our head? We may know our Bible, we may listen to worship, but we may not be working our word; we may not be actively living on a prayer. Jesus gave the official a word; and he moved on it. That's admirable: he believed, and he acted on a promise from Jesus. 

Are you acting and living on a promise? Do you believe Jesus can heal or restore your situation? That relationship? That even now, he can put you on the path of your purpose and destiny? God's promises can be your confidence. You can go from crisis faith to confident faith. If you take God at his word, you'll see his wonders.