The Victors – Day 3


Be still and know that I am God ... 

Psalm 46:10a

The secret to being a victor bears repeating: be still and know. That's the opposite of panic and stress; we can relax, chill and chillax.

A good coach will tell his team to have poise under pressure: win or lose, the team can be still, and keep its composure. The Hebrew word for "be still" means not being despondent -- not having a low spirit from loss of hope or courage. Keep your poise, and don't totally fall apart. Being still is like dropping our weapons, and letting God handle it; it's not a time to fight or to run and hide (ahem, turning to our favorite drug or drink). With him, we can cry, feel low, be brokenhearted or torn apart. He knows how to hold us when it's out of our hands -- perhaps until we settle down. Or maybe until we settle up -- regain our strength and willingness to go on.   

Are you battling today? Picture a child running to his parent longing to be scooped up because he's scared. The assurance of being in his parent's arms is all he needs to settle down. In the same way, feel yourself with the assurance of God's strong, protective arms around you until you've settled -- holding you and drawing out your stillness. Hear him tell you, "I've got this! I've got you!"