The Victor – Day 5


Come and see what the Lord has done ...

Psalm 46:8

When we recognize what God's done, we can testify to it -- either with our words or simply by letting our light shine.

Frances of Assisi is often attributed as saying, "Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words." It's not an either/or situation but a both/and; it's a balance. Is it hypocritical or courageous to put on a game face when you're staring down a challenge, anticipating God's movement? The definition of courage is to do a thing that's frightening; and faith means to put complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The victor's chant is for the church: God's got this. We can be strong, courageous and faith-filled even in the middle of tragedy or dark circumstances. We can recognize and testify to who he is -- even before he moves.

Remember, God not only works suddenly he works eventually. Today, read Luke 17 where Jesus tested the faith of 10 lepers, who he didn't heal immediately. Instead, he instructed them to go see the priests, and they were healed as they went -- not before. If God doesn’t do it suddenly he can still do it eventually. And you can exalt him for eventually, giving him your best praise. When it's out of your hands, put it in his hands, and watch him work it out – suddenly or eventually.