Ridiculous Realization - Day 4


"Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

John 6:29

Peter asked if he could go to Jesus on the water. He didn't assume he could walk on water. He waited to hear from Jesus. Once he heard his command, he acted and got out of the boat 

Don't assume, always ask! If God hasn't called you out, don't go! But at the same time don’t stay if he calls. Sometimes we can play it safe and not follow God's commands. Peter would have been way more comfortable in the boat. But safe and faith don't go together! Peter stepped out of his comfort zone and experienced a ridiculous miracle. 

Are you going to be defined in life by your safe decisions or by the decisions you made in faith? Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits! Are you playing it safe? Is Jesus calling you out? Today, pray for boldness to step out, but don't stop there! Follow through with whatever action the Lord has called you to take. This is the time to have a ridiculous revelation and take a step of ridiculous faith!