Making God In Our Image - Day 2


So they made a god ...

Acts 7:41

In the desert, the Israelites sinned against God by making an idol: a golden calf. They wanted to worship something tangible -- something they could see and touch. God had rescued them from Egypt, beat Pharaoh and his army, and parted the Red Sea. Why would they trade that God out for a god they had made? 

Perhaps the same can be asked of us. Why would we be tempted to worship a god we have made (money, power, relationships) and not the God who made us? The answer? We want a god we can control. A god who expresses our ideals and our dreams. A god who makes no uncomfortable demands, and lets us do what we want.

The bottom line is we do not like being told what to do. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that he is the God who never gave up on us. The God who has rescued us. The God who has defeated our enemies. The God who has set us free. 

Which idols are vying for center stage in your life? Invite the Holy Spirit to search your heart. Follow his lead in renouncing any idols that have crept into your heart. Close your time by solidifying your commitment to serving Jesus Christ as Lord of your life.