Don't Look Back – Day 3


Remember Lot's wife!

Luke 17:32

In the middle of talking about end times, Jesus dropped these three words: "Remember Lot's wife!" Who was this nameless woman? Why should we remember her?

Of all 170 women mentioned in the bible, Lot's wife is the only one Jesus tells us to remember. All we know of her is found in Genesis 19. Lot and his family lived in Sodom & Gomorrah, well-known for its immorality and sexual sin. But God was very clear about their sin: they were haughty, arrogant, prideful and comfortable while the poor and needy went hungry (Ezekiel 49:50). Were they even doing the thing God actually cared about? So he planned to remove them but was going to spare Lot and his family. They were to urgently escape for their life with instructions not to look back or stop anywhere in the valley. But as he led them out of the city and into safety, Lot's wife looked back. She immediately became a pillar of salt -- the very thing God called us to be. Why did she look back? Was she longing for the life they'd built? In her heart, she wasn't just looking back with her eyes; she wanted to go back. Instead of moving forward through the place she was only meant to pass through, Lot's wife got stuck. And Jesus said to remember her in the context of what's important in the end and why he came: to lay his life down for others, promising to build his church. 

Are you attached to your past and letting it outweigh your future? Wanting what you was more than what God has for you? Lot's wife got stuck because she was torn between what she was leaving and where she was going. Decide today that you won't get stuck passing through! You're called to be salt and light of the earth. Trust the one who's proved faithful, and live your life like you believe God has a hope for your future! Move forward to where he's guiding you, and don't look back!