Making Moves - Day 2


When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them...

Matthew 28:17-18

It's easy to think that our doubts could be overcome if we could just see Jesus. Yet even some of those who saw him doubted. So here is some good news: Doubts do not disqualify us! In fact, in the midst of the doubt, Jesus came close.

You may be doubting if anything good can come out of 2020. Can God really heal my marriage? Will he really take care of me financially? Can he really find me a job? Will he really deliver my son from his addiction? We can allow our doubts to either distance us from God or we can allow them to draw us in. It is our choice!

In your journal, be honest with the Lord about your doubts but don't let it stop your worship. Choose to press in and share your heart with him. Then let his presence assure you of his love.