Even When - Day 2


The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd. 

Psalm 23:1, TPT

David knew from personal experience what it was like to be a shepherd. He was well aware of the constant care and intimacy that a shepherd had with his sheep. Reflecting on this David declared, "The Lord is my shepherd."

Sheep are defenseless, they get lost and need constant care. The Bible refers to us as sheep and to God as our great shepherd. He guides us to places of provision, guards us from falling into pits and protects us from our enemies. He is always available, never leaving or forsaking us!

God is watching over you to guide, guard and protect you 24/7! He is not distant. Even when you do not know what to do, you know who to go to! What does it look like to you to have God as your shepherd? How have you personally experienced his provision, guidance and protection? Share your thoughts on this with your small group this week, encouraging each other to trust him when you are facing any hardship or challenge. If you're not in a group, consider joining one today. We love doing life together at FAITH!