Talks with Dads - Day 5

NEXT GEN // JUNE 26, 2020

These are the names of David’s mighty warriors...

2 Samuel 23:8

David took a ragtag group of bandits and developed them into mighty warriors. He defeated a giant as a youth, but these men beat many giants and accomplished feats much greater than him. David wasn't threatened by the success of his men — he was blessed by it!

That's what good leaders do. They believe in others, invest time in them, and cheer them on when their successes surpass their own. Pastor Dan mentioned that he's never felt the pressure to fill Dr. Jim's shoes. Instead, he stands on the broad shoulders of Dr. Jim who, through his faithfulness, has set Pastor Dan up to lead FAITH to new and higher places.

As a leader in your family, workplace, neighborhood, or church, how can you set those you lead up for success? How might you cheer them on and celebrate their accomplishments? Who will you invite to stand on your shoulders to go to places you have only dreamed of?