Talks with Dads - Day 4

YOU CAN DO IT! // JUNE 25, 2020

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

A good father not only protects his children, he also empowers them. When a father tells his child that he or she can do something, their child believes it. The confidence a father has in his child inspires them to step out into new ventures.

The same is true for us as children of God. We are secure and protected in His hands. We are also empowered with the strength of Jesus flowing through our lives. When a challenge or a big opportunity comes our way we can move forward in confidence knowing that He will give us the strength to do what He has called us to do.

Are you currently facing a challenge? Is God calling you to step into a new opportunity? Meditate upon Philippians 4:13 and think through what it looks like to live out this scripture. If you would like prayer, we are here to support you — you can do it!