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Into the Great Unknown – Day 4

Long before Abram started his journey with God, his father, Terah, had set out to go from Ur of the...

Into the Great Unknown - Day 3

It's important to note where Abram chose to pitch his tent: between Bethel, which means "house of God," and Ai,...

Into the Great Unknown - Day 2

Abram immediately obeyed the call and went, just as God told him to do. But in actuality, Abram only halfway...

Into the Great Unknown - Day 1

Abram’s call began with a word from the Lord when he was 75 years old. God called him long before...

On The Brink - Day 5

The Israelites were on the plains of Moab, looking out over their Promised Land, the land God said he was...

On The Brink - Day 4

Several months after rescuing the Israelites from a life of slavery in Egypt, God called Moses to Mount Sinai to...


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