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The Visiting Team - Day 5

Jesus made an extraordinary offer to all who hear him. He offered an invitation -- if you're struggling, tired, feeling...

The Visiting Team - Day 4

When God gives a blessing, no sorrow is added to it. His blessings come with contentment, joy and peace.

Everyone needs...

The Visiting Team - Day 3

When Jesus showed up too late to help their dead brother, Lazarus, Mary and Martha's first response was, “Lord, if...

The Visiting Team - Day 2

Jesus prophesied that in the last days, many people would turn away from their faith and turn on those who...

The Visiting Team - Day 1

This verse is often quoted as a favorite, but it becomes even more powerful when we understand the context. The...

Lovers of the Light - Day 5

Jesus is not only the giver of physical and spiritual life, he is also the source of light for our...


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