the two are united into one

Weddings are a time to celebrate as two people make a covenant with each other and God to unite their lives! Please contact us at the number below if you are interested in premarital counseling (required in order to be married at FAITH or by one of our pastors), would like information about having your wedding ceremony and/or reception at FAITH, or would like to have one of our pastors officiate your ceremony.

Phone: 626-732-1630



blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted

The passing of a loved one often brings a wave of difficult emotions. Planning a memorial service that honors and celebrates the life of your loved one can seem overwhelming in a time like this. We at FAITH are here to help. If you’d like information about holding a funeral at FAITH or would like one of our pastors to officiate a memorial, please call us at the number below.

Phone: 626-732-1630

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