FAITH Groups

a place to connect and belong

FAITH Groups are a great way to connect with fun people and experience real community. Develop meaningful relationships as you learn, grow, and serve with others at FAITH!

Small Groups
Connect with others through sports, Bible/book studies, common interests, and more
Community Outreach
Join a group and have fun while serving our community
Midweek Groups
Grow spiritually and learn with others in large groups at FAITH on Wednesday nights
Starting Point
Meet with others who are checking out Christianity or are new to faith in Christ
Care Groups
Receive resources to overcome addictions and support during seasons of grief and loss
Spanish Groups
Connect with others in our Spanish community

Connect in community

Find a group that meets your interests and schedule

Midweek Groups

grow spiritually and connect relationally

Midweek groups provide a great opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others on Wednesday nights at Faith! Groups start Wednesday, February 7th.

Anchors of Faith

Storms are part of life and God’s Word gives us the tools to not only survive but thrive in them. This group will equip you with skills such as how to grow strong in your faith, how to hear God’s voice, how to pray, how to make better choices, and how to help others.
Wednesday weekly, 7:00pm, Faith Church

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage

Conflict, when handled correctly, is the doorway to intimacy, understanding, trust, and connection within a relationship. When couples fight, they have the opportunity to get to the real issue that is lurking below the surface. Couples will learn how to fight their way to a better marriage, using the skills, concepts, and exercises found in Dr. Greg Smalley’s book, Fight Your Way To A Better Marriage.
Wednesday weekly, 7:00pm, Faith Church

Healing Deep Wounds

Do you often feel alone, rejected, unheard, or that life is unfair? Learn how deep wounds control life and take steps to find healing and freedom. Topics include the wounded spirit, uncovering deep wounds, bitter roots, the mother/father wound, and more. This group will meet from March 7th through April 11th.
Wednesday weekly, 7:00pm, Faith Church

Parenting by Design

Connect with other parents while learning how to effectively lead your household.
Wednesday weekly, 7:00pm, Faith Church

Límites en el Matrimonio

El matrimonio es uno de los más grandes regalos que Dios ha dado a la humanidad. Juntos aprenderemos cuando decir que si y cuando decir que no—a su cónyuge y a otras personas—para lograr lo máximo en el matrimonio. Solo cuando el esposo y la esposa conocen y respetan las necesidades, opciones y libertades del otro, pueden entregarse el uno al otro con libertad y amor. Los límites son los linderos que definen y protegen a los esposos y esposas como individuos. Una vez que esos linderos están en su lugar, un matrimonio que es bueno puede ser mejor, y el matrimonio que es menos que satisfactorio incluso puede salvarse.
Wednesday weekly, 7:00pm, Faith Church

Care Groups

offering hope, help and healing

Our CARE Groups are here to provide Christ-centered resources and life-giving relationships. We provide support for those who are overcoming addictions, walking though a time of grief and loss, and to those who are in need of support for a loved one. No need to sign up, just show up!

This group has encouraged me, given me hope, strength and courage to seek God and pursue sobriety. It has changed my attitude and life along with the lives of my children.

Faith Groups


This group has helped me be vulnerable and honest. I’m always encouraged and fed when I attend as iron sharpens iron.

Faith Groups


The Grief group helped me open up and talk about the death of my Dad. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this.

Faith Groups


The Biblical 12 Step group has helped me stay clean and sober because I can relate to others in the group. I have learned that it is only through Jesus and his strength that I am able to persevere.

Faith Groups


I have learned that I am not here to carry burdens but to surrender all to the living God. I have learned to pray, trust, believe and give back to others.

Faith Groups


Letting Go of Codependency has given me coping skills for dealing with destructive relationships.

Faith Groups


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