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Don't Forget - Day 2

Jesus taught the Jews who believed in him about being set free. Their response revealed their spiritual amnesia. Their nation...

Don't Forget - Day 1

Peter knew that those to whom he wrote were mature in their faith, yet he continued to remind them of...

This Is My Prayer - Day 5

This week we have seen that Paul did not allow imprisonment to steal his joy. Instead, he thought of others,...

This Is My Prayer - Day 4

Earlier in the chapter Paul said that the Philippians were on his mind. He was in prison, yet he was...

This Is My Prayer - Day 3

While Paul sat in prison he did not pray for release or that he would be able to avoid problems....

This Is My Prayer - Day 2

God used Paul to plant the church in Philippi. Years later Paul found himself hundreds of miles away in a...

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