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Lovers of the Light - Day 4

Light was spoken into a physically dark world and as followers of Christ, we are to be “the light of...

Lovers of the Light - Day 3

The religious leaders judged the woman caught in adultery without considering their own sinful hearts. They made her stand before...

Lovers of the Light - Day 2

The blind man was healed! Imagine his excitement in seeing birds and flowers and smiles -- all for the first...

Lovers of the Light - Day 1

Jesus and his disciples came across a man born blind. The expectation would have been for Jesus to lay hands...

Carbs4Life - Day 5

Jesus stated that he was the bread of life. This statement alone speaks to his attributes and character. He is...

Carbs4Life - Day 4

The people were always requiring signs and wonders, and when they got one, they still sought for more and were...

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