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No Time to Thrive - Day 4

Encouraging herself, the woman with the issue of blood proceeded forward to get to Jesus. The woman not only heard,...

No Time to Thrive - Day 3

The woman heard about Jesus' ability to heal, and because she chose to believe what she heard, she pursued Him.


No Time to Thrive - Day 2

In her desperation, the woman pushed past the crowd to get to Jesus. She would not allow anything to hold...

No Time to Thrive - Day 1

This poor woman had been bleeding for twelve years, having tried everything to get better. Nothing worked. The crisis was...

Life After Death - Day 5

The Lord promised the Jewish people that he would resurrect their dead lives and put his Spirit into them. His...

Life After Death - Day 4

Ezekiel noticed as he prophesied, the bones began to come together, flesh began to form, but there was no breath....

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