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It's All Right - Day 4

Jesus graciously walked and listened, and then he corrected. It was His approach of compassion and connection that allowed them...

It's All Right - Day 3

The two men had expected great things from Jesus. They had hoped he would redeem Israel. Those expectations were dashed...

It's All Right - Day 2

The two disciples did not recognize Jesus when he joined them on the road. 

We do not know why they did...

It's All Right - Day 1

The same day as the resurrection, two followers of Jesus traveled together, perplexed by news of the crucifixion. As they...

It's Time To Celebrate - Day 5

The Pharisees were upset by all the people praising Jesus. Jesus made it clear there was nothing they could do...

It's Time To Celebrate - Day 4

Jesus asked for the colt, not their cloaks. It was their love for the Lord that lead them to give...

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