Your Story Is Not Over – Day 5


Some time later the woman’s son became sick. He grew worse and worse, and finally he died. Then she said to Elijah, “O man of God, what have you done to me? Have you come here to point out my sins and kill my son?” 

I Kings 17:17-18

It's difficult to believe God would miraculously provide food for Elijah, the widow and her son -- only to allow the widow's son to die. So, on one hand we have a miracle that the food is not running out but on the other, the widow's son is dead. It doesn’t make sense.

Life is full of twists and turns that create the same confusion for us. Maybe we get the work promotion, but our spouse leaves. Or we move into a new home only to receive a bad health report. We live with miracles in our misery. The widow may have thought God was punishing her. When it seems like he's absent, know that he's very much present. He hears our prayers, he knows our thoughts and our heart's desires.

This widow's story was not over, and your story isn't over, either! God had so much in store for her life, and he has much in store for you! As you're going through difficulty, God can show you how much bigger he is than any problem, struggle or issue you're experiencing. Today, ask him to show you his abundant provision in the areas of your life where you feel misery, and he will show you the miracles!