Work Your Word – Day 4


While he was still on the way, his servants met him with the news that his boy was living.

John 4:51

Jesus told the royal official to go and that his son would live. While he was still on his way home, he got word confirming his son was alive. He exercised an active, confident faith by doing what Jesus asked him to do -- not pushing for what he wanted. In his act to believe Jesus, he moved toward confirmed faith when Jesus' word was fulfilled.

Sometimes while we're on our way, it's a fight not to lose our way. We can get lost with distractions or delays, heading into 15 different directions with just one text message, one email, a bad medical report ... the straw that broke the camel's back. But what if "being on our way," we develop tried-and-true commitments to keep our focus on Jesus. Maybe it's blasting worship music, adding scripture verses around your house, setting alerts so we're stopping throughout our day to pray and connect to God. If we develop regular habits that we can anchor ourselves to, it would be hard to lose our way when we're living committed to keeping our faith in front of us. Working our word. Developing our faith from crisis to confidence to confirmed. Instead of whistle while we work, it's worship while we work. 

Take stock of where your way is headed. Are you veering off-course with distractions that are occupying your thoughts and attention? Are you getting off track because you're delayed and waiting in all the wrong places? Take time to consider what would help you keep your attention on Jesus while you're on your way. How can you work your word this week? Write down some ideas and commit to one thing you can start today. While you are on our way, God can make a way.