To Live is _______ - Day 3


... I am in chains for Christ.

Philippians 1:13

As a prisoner, Paul was chained to a Roman soldier twenty-four hours a day. The soldiers shift was six hours. Every day four soldiers were chained to Paul. 

Imagine what it must have been like to be chained to Paul. He was always praying, worshiping, sharing Jesus, writing letters to believers and was full of joy regardless of his situation. Rome may have seen him as a captive but he saw that he had a captive audience. The result? Everyone in the palace guard heard about Jesus. 

Quarantine has caused many of us to be home 24/7 with our spouse and/or our kids. In a sense you are chained to them. What is it like for others to be chained to you? This is a unique season that brings amazing opportunities.  

Today, resist seeing yourself as a captive and recognize you have a captive audience — those you can encourage and into whom you can speak life. How might you make the most of the opportunity to be a blessing to those chained to you?