That's a Big But! – Day 1

HOLD ON // OCTOBER 3, 2022

While the man held on to Peter and John, all the people were astonished and came running to them in the place called Solomon’s Colonnade.

Acts 3:11

After the man was healed, something confusing happened. He held onto Peter and John. He received his big miracle, so why would he do that instead of the things he wanted to do with his new freedom? All he'd ever known was life on the ground -- begging. Now that he could stand and walk: what now?

That's how a lot of us feel after accepting Jesus into our lives: what do we do now? Jesus has forgiven us, but we don't know how to forgive those who've hurt us. We've been cleaned up by our addiction, but we don't know how to study the bible. We knew what it was like to have all those unhealthy relationships, but we don't know how to nurture healthy ones. Sometimes we need to hold onto people while we hold onto Jesus. Or we may need to let others hold onto us. Who or what we hold makes a difference. The wrong people can hold us down, push us down, drag us back or stunt our growth. We may need to hold onto people or let people hold onto us, but we need to make sure they're the right people. Sure, people may fall and fail, but are they serious about holding on?

Do you need to hold onto someone? Or maybe someone needs to hold onto you? Holding each other up may look like regularly listening and praying for a friend who’s in a hard season or helping them in practical ways. We're called to enter into one another’s suffering and to speak truth about who God is and who we are. Encourage and build up those around you and walk together into the next season -- holding on!