So Much Better – Day 2


Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.

Acts 3:2

The man at the gate isn't given a name; instead, people labeled him -- not by what he can do, but by what he can't do. He can't walk. Perhaps this man felt stuck or trapped in his own body.

We can sometimes feel stuck in our lives: maybe it's a career that feels as though it's going nowhere. Or a relationship that feels miserable. This man was trapped, yet he watched people walking by him daily doing the very thing he couldn't do. That happens today as we're scrolling through social media, seeing people taking vacations we can't take, living in homes we can't get, looking at what others have had since birth. This man was at a gate called Beautiful: some times we can feel like we're at a beautiful place but living a brutal condition. When life seems to be pulling us down, God can raise us up. As he begged for money, this man was about to have an encounter that would give him far more than what he dared to dream or ask. With God, just because we've always lived one way doesn't mean it'll always be that way. God wants us to experience a better life.

What brutal conditions are you facing today? Imagine feeling stuck and only asking for what you think you need to get unstuck. But God sees deeper and farther. He doesn't just want to unstick you, he wants to see you fully healed and raised up. Today, thank him for what you don't see. Praise him for being God, and tell him that you trust the work that he wants to do in your life and through your life -- even if you can't see it yet.