Show Me the Fruit Part 2 – Day 5


"... every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit."

Matthew 5:17

As leaders and Christians, our character and our fruit matter. Are we living hypocritcally? No one is perfect, and flaws are part of being human. Families aren't perfect either -- Jesus had Judas, after all. But inspecting the fruit of our lives is a great measure for checking in with ourselves: how are we really doing? 

Like in a vineyard, fruit must be cultivated and developed. A good person can do a bad thing. It doesn't make him or her bad. Likewise, a bad person can do a good thing, and it doesn't mean he or she is good. We can become so impressed with having the gifts of the spirit but not really be cultivating God's truth in our daily lives. Are we blessed by our gifts or by what we're cultivating within ourselves? God loves hypocrites and sinners, too. He's on our side, and he wants to see us cultivating ourselves to be more like him.

What are you cultivating in your life? Are you meditating on -- thinking about over and over -- God's word to learn more about who he is? Are you in the habit of doing daily devotions so you're not just hearing the word but being a doer of it? If you have not yet established a habit of devotions, don't worry! We all have a starting point, and we can help you get started! Cultivation happens in small groups; we need each other to be more attuned to God's voice and his movement in our lives. Take a look at the current groups we offer and consider joining one so you can make progress toward cultivating fruit in your life.