Shake it Off - Day 4

MALTA!?! // JANUARY 7, 2021

Once safely on shore, we found out that the island was called Malta. 

Acts 28:1

After the ship came apart the men swam and clung to debris until they all made it safely to shore on an island they had never heard of -- Malta. Paul could have chosen to be stuck in discouragement or frustration. He was on his way to Rome, yet God had allowed for him to be shipwrecked on Malta. It didn't make sense. But God had a plan and Paul's eyes were open to see it. He used Paul to spark a revival on Malta!

Metaphorically you may have been on your way to "Rome" yet currently find yourself in "Malta". A year ago you thought you would start 2021 in one place, yet God has detoured you to somewhere else. Maybe you thought you would have had that promotion or you thought you would have had that job or you thought you would have been attending that university or you thought your kids would be back in school or _______________ (you fill in the blank). Instead, you find yourself in a place you never expected to be. God is still going to get you to Rome but he has a plan for you right now on your Malta.

What is your Malta? Ask God to open your eyes to the opportunities he has for you right now, even in the midst of the pandemic. Then go and make the most of that opportunity! You will be amazed at what Jesus will do in and through you.