No Matter What, Trust God - Day 2

PRAY // APRIL 13, 2021

... but in everything by prayer ...

Philippians 4:6

It may seem surprising, but many Christians resort to prayer as more of a desperate measure after our efforts didn't pan out: Help! I can't do it, so might you intervene, Lord?

But Paul says IN EVERYTHING BY PRAYER -- meaning, prayer is to be our FIRST response.

When faced with a challenge, our instinct is to google, text someone, post or call a friend. Sometimes we do whatever we can to navigate or manipulate the situation ourselves which can often lead to more stress. How about this instead? Pause and Pray! 

Prayer is critical to resting in God's presence. Like that person in your life who -- just by hanging with him -- has an impact on you. But imagine a friend who loves you, has your best in mind, knows/sees everything and works it out for your good? And he wants to spend time with you! So seek his face and draw close to him. You can find peace when your heart is full of worry simply by turning your focus from magnifying your issues (worry) to magnifying him. 

You can speak directly with God, the maker of heaven and earth, who has all power and authority, who is in total control of every situation! Throughout your day, find time to talk to him and include him in all that you do. Don’t give up. Seek his presence through prayer!