Nice Try! - Day 2


"Thus says Sennacherib king of Assyria: 'In what do you trust, that you remain under siege in Jerusalem?'"

2 Chronicles 32:10

It was obvious to all, including Hezekiah, that the Assyrian army was greater than the army of Judah. Ever feel that way? The king of Assyria taunted Hezekiah: Are you kidding? Your trust is misplaced! There is not good reason to believe as you do! But Hezekiah knew that the Lord was his secret weapon!

The enemy does the same to us. He knows fear begins where trust is destroyed. If he can undermine our trust in the Lord, fear can take hold. When it seems we are outnumbered, we need to remember, we are not relying on the same things as our enemy. They may have the numbers, the fame, the cool factor, the popularity, the celebrities -- but we have our God! He fights our battles! 

Is the enemy taunting you? Is he encouraging you to put your trust and confidence in other things like money? Youth? Strength? What does it look like for you to put your full trust in God to fight your battle for you? In your journal, write out a prayer declaring your faith in the Lord despite what looks like overwhelming odds against you.