Lovers of the Light - Day 2


So the man went and washed and came home seeing.

John 9:7

The blind man was healed! Imagine his excitement in seeing birds and flowers and smiles -- all for the first time! The light of the world had brought light to his world. 

It is amazing the things we can take for granted. Our spouse. Our house. Our freedom. There is so much to be grateful for! But it can easily be missed when we fail to recognize the value of what we have been given. What we appreciate appreciates. The religious leaders missed the wonder of what the man had just experienced. They were caught up in their own opinions and perspectives. Instead of celebrating with him, they interrogated the man and his parents. 

How has the light of the world brought light to your world? What do you need to see again, as if for the first time? Today in your journal, list 10 things for which you are grateful and express your appreciation to the Lord for the gifts he has placed into your life.