Into the Great Unknown – Day 4

GO TO GROW // JANUARY 27, 2022

Abram journeyed on ...

Genesis 12:9

Long before Abram started his journey with God, his father, Terah, had set out to go from Ur of the Chaldeans to Canaan, but instead, scripture tells us he "settled" in Haran. It's likely no coincidence that it was in Haran that God called Abram, telling him to go from his country to a land he would show him. Abram traveled through the hills of Bethel, the Negev, Egypt and Hebron. He kept journeying, kept building altars to praise God, kept moving from faith to faith and strength to strength. 

Like Abram, we have a mandate to go out into all the world, but that mandate started with God's covenant with Abram. He shows us that God is calling us out to venture to new horizons. Abram didn't know where, didn't know how, didn't know when or why. He simply obeyed. A life of faith never stands still. Our feet must be going for our faith to be growing.

What are your feet doing today? What does your faith journey look like? Are you pressing on? Or are you settling or standing still? God is calling you, and he wants to bless you on your journey. Step into community alongside other sojourners who are saying yes to go so they can grow. If you are ready to take a next step of faith, let us know. We'd love to support you in your journey.