I'll Take Your Word For It - Day 5


So he and his whole household believed.

John 4:53

The royal official had a contagious faith, and it spread throughout his household. Everyone in his family and all his servants put their trust in Jesus.

We’ve seen firsthand how fear is contagious, but have you ever thought the opposite is also true? Faith is contagious! A quick glance at the TV or internet, and we can easily find plenty of reasons to be afraid. 

What about reasons to be filled with faith? As Jesus followers, we have the opportunity to set the example and spread God's hope to those around us in our daily lives. All the places we visit are settings in which we can spread our faith. 

Whether you realize it or not, you are mentoring people -- by your life. As a follower of Jesus, you have what someone else needs. But how contagious are you? The key to leveling up your contagious is to spend time with Jesus and with other faith-filled believers. 

Small groups are the perfect environment to level up. Are you connected to a group? If not, we would love to get you connected today! Simply follow this link, click the group you are most interested in and the group leader will reach out to you this week.