Fill Me Up – Day 4


Then Peter stood up with the Eleven, raised his voice and addressed the crowd ... 

Acts 2:14

God's people were all together when his Spirit descended, filling their house and causing them to speak in different dialects and languages. It was so loud that a crowd of Jewish people from all over the world formed, amazed to find these Galileans were speaking in their native tongues. The crowd came from places like Mesopotamia, Egypt, Libya, Rome, Asia, Arabia and more. God's people spoke in languages they didn't know, telling about his wonders, while these onlookers tried making sense of it. Some made fun of them, saying they were drunk. So, Peter stood up with his crew, speaking loud enough so the people in the back could hear.

Some people drive under the influence, but these people were living under the influence of God's spirit. Peter's response was to take a stand with "the Eleven." Together. We don't stand with culture but with our crew. Even when it's not popular, and after we've done everything, we stand. Stand together. God's strength enables us, and Peter stood up so the crowd would know that God promises to pour out his Spirit on all people (Acts 2:17) and that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be safe (Acts 2:21). It was an invitation to believe, filled with audible and visible signs pointing to Jesus.

Can you hear the roar of God's Spirit? It showed up when his people were all together, standing and praising. With whom are you standing? Are you with the crowd or with Jesus' crew? You are not made to just go to church; you are the church. You're invited to stand with Jesus' crew by getting connected and doing life together. There's Spirit-enabled power in standing together.