Father Knows Best – Day 4


... in all your ways, acknowledge him ... 

Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

In this verse, the father says to acknowledge God. Other translations say to "submit to him." We can honor his reality in our lives. We can act like we know he's not just an idea; God is not dead, and the idea of God is not for some unintelligent and unenlightened mind. Instead, we can affirm God's presence with us. Whether we're going through the fire, whether the storm waters are raging or whether we're in a valley ... we can acknowledge him.

When athletes or actors are receiving awards or when a writer writes a book, they give acknowledgement. They thank their moms, their dads, their coaches, spouses, families, etc. It's healthy to acknowledge those who support you, and God is no different. In all our ways, acknowledge him or honor his reality. Affirm his presence in our lives; we wouldn't be where we are today without him. We can acknowledge him whether we're succeeding or walking through the shadow of death. Why? Because he's with us.

Have you acknowledged God lately? Have you taken time to acknowledge his presence, his leadership, his knowledge, his wisdom, his guidance? If you believe he has created the universe and everything in it, if you believe he knows all things, it makes sense to acknowledge his presence in your life and in your heart. You have a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and foretelling at your disposal, so take the time today to honor God's reality in your life and see how something so simple can make all the difference in you and around you.