Environment & Effort – Day 2


At once [Paul] began to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.

Acts 9:20

Paul wasted no time telling others that Jesus is the son of God. We can just imagine the impact it had on those who heard him: Wasn't this the same guy who hunted Christians? Now he's agreeing with them?

After a God encounter, we can start telling our story, start serving, start giving and bring the tithe. Religion tells us to wait, but we don't have to be saved for years or jump through hoops. We can stop thinking we're not ready or not good enough. News flash: none of us are! We're never really ready, and we're all flawed, so if we waited until we're good enough, no one would be there to open the doors! Church is never perfect because people are part of it! 

If you've been saved, what are you waiting for? You may have been messed up, but you found Jesus, and now you're a little less messed up. You may have been mean, but now you can hold signs saying kind things as people gather together for church. You need to know that it's about your availability, not your ability. Paul wasted no time making an impact; will you? After you get in a healthy environment, give it your full effort.