Brutal Scars & Beautiful Stories – Day 4


... They will look on the one they have pierced ... 

John 19:37

Jesus made the choice to come heal, love and even suffer for us. Could he have avoided this fate? Yes, if anyone could, Jesus could. But he chose to come to those who would pierce him. Why? His scars tell the story that we are worth his pain and suffering. We're valuable. If someone were to ever call us worthless, we know that's far from the truth because Jesus demonstrated our worth by what he did. What he showed us is far more valuable than what he could say about his love for us. His scars are a witness to our worth.

In the same way, our scars bear witness to others about Jesus' love and healing in our lives. Suffering is a part of life; it can't be avoided. We all suffer, and if Jesus suffered, we should not expect to live lives without suffering. There is no healthy, wealthy, happy, holy club where all we do is win, win, win. Yes, we have the victory through Jesus, but sometimes victory doesn't always look, taste or smell like victory. Sometimes victory looks like walking through some things. And our scars speak far louder than our words ever could. We're an example. People won't always go to a church or read their Bible, but they will see our lives. We don't have to be busy explaining about Jesus. We can simply show them our healed wounds. We can't always relate with others' success, but we can relate to their suffering.

What do people see when they look at your suffering? You may not have a smile on your face in certain seasons, but you can have hope in your heart. Jesus spilled his blood for your healing and reconciliation. There's no question that he sees your worth, and he wants to heal your open wounds so your scars can bear witness to his love. Will you give him your wounds so he can turn them into beautiful stories?