Brutal Scars & Beautiful Stories – Day 1


Now Thomas, ... one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. 

John 20:24

The disciples were huddled together in fear, locked away in a room. But they were together, and as a result, they got to see Jesus together. Thomas missed out on seeing Jesus because he wasn't there. So why wasn't he with the disciples? Was he afraid -- like the others -- but choosing to go it alone? Was he so discouraged and defeated after Jesus' death that he couldn't bring himself to be with the others? Sometimes when we are feeling the most discouraged and defeated we want to be alone. But alone with our feelings could be one of the worst places to be! 

Can you imagine missing out on something so major like seeing the resurrected Jesus? Yet how often do we miss out because we don't show up? The last several years has likely provided ample opportunity to miss out, as some have remained locked up at home and alone. It's amazing how much we missed out on gathering as a church in community during the pandemic when COVID forced us to isolate. We were not meant to live isolated, disconnected lives; we were meant for community. In fact, it's when we want to be alone that we actually need people the most! God loves to use others as instruments of his healing. He loves to speak life and restoration into his people through the words and actions of others. But to experience healing, life and restoration through people we need to have the courage to call upon others and to be vulnerable and part of community. Remember, church is not a place to attend but a community to belong. 

Are you in community today? Being around others can help encourage you, and remind you that you're not alone. Community is about doing life together, creating a web of love, support and life so that you're celebrating the highs and showing up for each other in the lows. We invite you to be part of our community: join us in May for Refined, a three-week Zoom group in community looking to sharpen one another toward community.