Brutal Scars & Beautiful Stories – Day 3

GOT SCARS? // MAY 4, 2022

Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe." 

John 20:27

Jesus carried his scars into that little room where he met his disciples after the resurrection. He had gained victory over death and made all things new, but he kept his scars in his hands and in his side. Why didn't Jesus remove the marks? Because his scars told a beautiful story at work. He invited Thomas to put his hands where his nails had been, not where they were when he visited them. His scars didn't show open wounds but healed ones. He wasn't saying to look at all the damage that had been done; he was showing them what had been healed. There's a difference between an open wound where we're bleeding all over and a healed scar.

In our culture today, we often want to appear better than what we actually are. We want to look perfect, share how we're living our best lives, use the best angles and filters. But following Jesus isn't about making us look good; it's about looking to Jesus who IS good. Maybe Jesus knew we'd need to be reminded his scars -- and ours, too -- are part of his beautiful story at work. Our scars make our stories authentic: the same place where we feel the hurt is also the place where we receive the healing. So when we feel the pain, we can be sure that with Jesus will turn it into a beautiful story. 

If it weren't for Jesus' scars, the disciples may have wondered if he was the same person they'd followed and heard teach. His scars were proof of who he was so that when he stood before them, they could see his healing from how he'd hung on the cross. Our scars are real and become a real part of who we are. The disciples were overjoyed to see Jesus' scars because they remembered the pain, fear, tears, regret, terrible hours of his death. In those scars was their emptiness, loneliness and hopelessness. Healed. In his scars, they were able to probe their own scars. There, they could find Jesus in all their broken places -- not just their blessed ones. 

Do you have scars? Your scars show your wounds have healed. Your brutal scars are part of your beautiful story. You don’t need to hide them away; they are the evidence that God heals and redeems. Thank him for every scar and painful experience that has allowed you to receive his greater power and work shining through. He promises to show up in every scar and every broken place to heal you. Then, you can share his message of hope with a world that also needs Jesus' healing and grace. Your scars are powerful!