Blessed, But Not Blessed – Day 4


... [The wicked] are like chaff that the wind blows away. 

Psalm 1:4

Will we be envious of chaff, aka corn husks? If we want to be blessed, we won't waste our time being envious of it. Wind blows away chaff!
We shouldn't miss ours by comparing ourselves to theirs. It's one of the quickest ways to miss our blessed life: what we SEE in their lives compared to what we KNOW about our lives. Foolish is the man's house built on sand, which is also blown away. Chaff may look good now, but it's gone with the wind tomorrow! We don't want to be so quick to compare ourselves: that fancy car? Chaff. The spectacular wedding? Chaff. That rockin' body? Well, the wind of time will change that. What matters most abides. A tree gets planted -- usually be design, not default. WHERE is it planted? Somewhere where it can thrive and grow; and trees bear fruit in their season. Maybe it's been someone else's season right now, but our season is coming! If we hold on, our leaves will not wither.

Where are you planting? Are you comparing yourself to someone's highlight reel on social media? Don't compare: instead, do you. Stop looking at the posts, and do you. Stop thinking they have it better, and do you. Stop wanting what they have, and do you. Whatever you do in due season, you'll prosper. So plant by design, and watch your leaves flourish.