Becoming a Builder – Day 3


Immediately they dropped their nets and left everything behind to follow Jesus.

Matthew 4:20 TPT

Jesus called Peter and Andrew to drop their nets and fish for something different. He called them to use old skills but repurpose them. They likely didn't have a vision for what that was because being fisherman was all they'd known. Yet immediately they dropped their nets, leaving everything behind.  

The disciples were "just" fisherman, but Jesus asked them to drop their nets and follow him. How often do we see our own lives as "just" this or "just" that? Maybe we come from a family of fisherman, so it's all we know. What if what we've gone through is preparation for what's ahead? Our greatest limitation may not be a skill but a mindset. We think we're a product of our environment: we're "just" fishermen, our friends and family are "just" fisherman. Yet Jesus is calling us out.

Are you willing to drop your nets and follow Jesus? Let him lead you out of your environment, toxic relationships and comfort zones. You may be used to hanging with fisherman and tax collectors, but what if he wants to put you in a new environment with people different than you -- different skin color, different accents, different mindsets? Let Jesus take you out of status quo. If your crew is clubbing maybe a new church crew is in order. Instead of partying, perhaps you can start serving? Get with people who can't relate to your past so you can walk into your future.