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Remember Who You Are - Day 5

The Father shows up to also show his pride in his Son. 

No miracles had yet been performed by Jesus when...

Remember Who You Are - Day 4

Few words in all the world carry such power as a father’s declaration of love for his child. There is...

Remember Who You Are - Day 3

Father God not only showed up, but he had something to say. 

Fathers often see and seed things in their kids...

Remember Who You Are - Day 2

When Jesus was baptized, there were probably many people around. Some on the shoreline watching; others in line to be...

Remember Who You Are - Day 1

Paul wrote the letter to the Philippians from a prison cell, yet he was filled with joy and gratitude. That...

Ridiculous Reality - Day 5

The Pharisees went from asking to attacking, and the blind man was kicked out of the synagogue because of his...


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