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Set Up! - Day 2

Jesus, the true vine, described his followers as branches. So often we are trying to make it on our own...

Set Up! - Day 1

As his last recorded "I Am" statement, Jesus announces, "I am the true vine." It's important to note, he doesn't...

'Tis the Season - Day 5

In certain atmospheres, we start to develop new appetites. Waiting in line at Disneyland, the waft of popcorn or churros...

'Tis the Season - Day 4

Ever get really impatient with someone who is just trying to be helpful? Perhaps it's a clerk at the store,...

'Tis the Season - Day 3

We all can grow tired and weary, which may cause stumbling or falling -- whether you're young, successful, or filled...

'Tis the Season - Day 2

​When God spoke these words to Jeremiah, Israel was in exile, captivity and loss -- understandably feeling worn out and...


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