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When God is Still - Day 2

In the midst of their exile, God commanded the people to pray for their enemies — the very people who...

When God is Still - Day 1

The Jewish people had been exiled to a foreign land. Their normal lives had been torn from them; their homeland...

I'm a Survivor - Day 5

The ship struck a sandbar and was broken to pieces, yet everyone was saved as they either swam or floated...

I'm a Survivor - Day 4

Paul's response to the chaos of the storm was to boldly praise God. Praise is the key to survival, both...

I'm a Survivor - Day 3

The storm had raged on for two weeks! There was fear and panic and no one was eating. Yet, Paul...

I'm a Survivor - Day 2

Paul was arrested for proclaiming his faith and sent on a ship to stand trial in Rome. But along the...


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